AI Voice Assistant

AI voice assistant driver
Product introduction and operation guide
     Are you still tired of typewriting? Are you still worried about many kinds of translations? Do not be afraid! AI Voice Assistant (hereinafter referred to as assistant) can help you to solve all of them. It is a high-tech product that integrates voice search, input and translation. Simply plug this product into your computer's USB port to easily implement these three powerful functions.
     Hardware installation:
     Plug the assistant's USB port into the computer and plug the wired mouse's USB port or the wireless mouse's receiver into the assistant's USB socket.
     Software Installation:
     When you use it for the first time, the system will pop up the installation interface and the assistant will automatically complete the driver installation. If it cannot be installed automatically, please follow the steps below.

     Step 1: Log in to and click on the button of “AI Voice Assistant Driver” to download it on the homepage.

     Step 2: Double-click the installation file and wait for the installation to complete after the download is completed. Click "Yes" or "Accept" or "Next" for all prompts.

     Step 3: After completing the installation, restart the computer and pay attention to saving your other files before rebooting.

     The assistant splash screen will be shown on your computer desktop for 3 seconds after rebooting. Congratulations, your assistant can work normally and the assistant will bring you endless intelligence!

     Operation and function description:
     After the software is installed, “AIVoice” file will be shown on your computer desktop, which is related to the assistant settings, and should be set before use.
     The source language refers to the language in which the assistant receives instructions. Currently, it only supports Chinese and English.
     The target language refers to the language you want to translate. It currently supports the languages of 24 countries. To perform the translation function, the translation button needs to be "ON". When the translation button is "OFF", the translation function is not performed.

     Voice Search:
     This function is only supported by five-button mouse. Press and hold the left button on the left side of the mouse (some mouse is the left front button), you only need to say the content you want to search for the assistant and then release the button, search engine will open and the search shows the relevant content you want. When the source language is set to Chinese, the default search engine is Baidu. When the source language is set to English, the default search engine is Google. For example, if you want to find information about "AI voice", you only need to say "AI voice", Baidu will find out the information related to AI voice. The voice search function is not affected by the cursor position and status, and is not affected by the translation button and the target voice.
     Voice entry:
     Move the cursor to the place where you want to enter the text, hold down the wheel button of the mouse and say the content you want to enter to the assistant, release the button, and the words you say will be converted into text display. The language used for voice entry must match the set source language and the Translate button is set to "OFF".

     Voice translation:
     Move the cursor to the place where you want to enter the text, hold down the wheel button of the mouse, speak to the assistant, and the target language you want to translate into text will be displayed. The language used for speech translation needs to be the same as the set source language, and the translation button is set to "ON".
     First, when the assistant works, the computer is required to be supported by network.
     Second, the assistant's response speed is affected by the network signal and computer hardware configuration.
     Third, the assistant's voice recognition distance is about one meter and it is affected by the working environment and the sound intensity to be recognized when using. When the computer USB port is far away, please use "USB extension cable" or "USB HUB".